Welcome to The Buganda Heritage Association

'Obwakabaka Bwa Buganda
Omwoyo Gumu Ne Meeme Emu'

Mission Statement

Buganda Heritage Association (BHA) UK and Northern Ireland is an organisation that promotes, teaches, develops and preserves the cultural heritage of the Baganda within the Diaspora. BHA works with other community groups/charities in supporting young people to flourish in the community and society in general.


BHA aims to achieve the above vision by working towards the following objectives:

  • To provide information, services and act as a resource platform. This will include signposting, advice to career pathways and employment, enterprise programmes, outreach and other educational projects
  • To host workshops and seminars. This will be aimed at encouraging community dialogue on various issues such as crime prevention
  • To advocate for awareness on health issues such as mental health, other ailments and bereavement
  • To sponsor or host social and fundraising events that portray the rich culture, values, norms, music and poetry of the Baganda people

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